Welcome to the Rational Middle

During these tumultuous times, informed civil discourse has become a rare commodity. Histrionics have ruled the day and started a firestorm of debate on almost every issue you can think of. Debates have largely been slimmed down to buzzwords and short news segments that fail to dive deep in a way that facilitates real change. This back and forth with less and less substantive information has led to misinformation and finger pointing on both sides and widened the divide on this important national issue.

As there is no information standard bearer, the two sides of any debate will continue to drift farther apart, leaving the vast majority of Americans no place to begin real work on fixing the issue before us. Rational Middle has and will continue to work to change that by creating films on important issues that present the facts and frame them with historical context, focused on reaching those who really do want to see change. Through the medium of short, cinematic documentary films, social media, and live events, we can an open path for the public at large to have a civil, solutions-based conversation.

The Rational Middle Creative Team

Loren Steffy Executive Producer